Re-Ground Electrode Services

reground tungsten electrodes

Diamond Ground Products Ltd has a department within its production department dedicated to provide our customers a 3 day or less turn around on regrinds.

Send us your spent Tungsten Welding Electrodes and DGP will regrind them to meet or exceed the tolerances and finish required.

Our Reground Electrodes Service is provided for a fraction of the price of New Welding Electrodes.

The Reground Electrode Process:

  • Step 1. Receive your spent electrodes.
  • Step 2. Inspect & count spent electrodes.
  • Step 3. Internally submit production instructions.
  • Step 4. Diamond cut off spent electrode tip.
  • Step 5. Select CNC off spent electrode tip.
  • Step 6. Inspect first article to specification.
  • Step 7. Run the lot inspecting every part.
  • Step 8. Ultra Sonically clean.
  • Step 9. Correctly package & ship your reground electrode.
  • Step 10. Replace re-grounds too short to regrind with new electrodes.
Diamond Ground Products Ltd is dedicated to the improvement of weld quality & welder productivity, and maintains a reputation as the industry leader in tungsten and tungsten preparation. Our ongoing management philosophy is to provide quality product and receptive service that exceeds even the most stringent expectations. Contact DGP today to see how we can help with your current or future welding applications.

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