Tungsten/Molybdenum Fabrication & Machining

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Diamond Ground Products Ltd is an expert in the field of fabricating and machining tungsten & molybdenum since 1992. With their state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, DGP offers unmatched quality and capability at the lowest prices. DGP provides precise and consistent CNC parts from low-volume prototype to high-volume production and from the simplest rods to complex fabrications with the strictest tolerances.




Atomic Weight




19.3 g/cc

10.2 g/cc

Melting Point

3410° C

2610° C

Boiling Point

5900° C

5560° C

Coefficient of Linear Expansion/ 20° C

4.98 * 10-6/°C

5/3 * 10-6/°C

Thermal Conductivity at 20° C

0.31 cal/sq cm/cm/sec/°C

0.382 cal/sq cm/cm/sec/°C

Specific Heat at 20° C

140 J/kg

270 J/kg

Common applications include:

  • Welding electrodes
    Light bulbs element/filaments Electrical contacts
    Heating elements
    Furnace tooling
    Sintering trays
    Heat sinks
    Fixtures & heat shields
    Anti-vibration devices
    Vibration sensing devices
    Transition spacers
    Balancing weights
    Rigid elements
    Boring bars
    Grinding quills
Diamond Ground Products Ltd is dedicated to the improvement of weld quality & welder productivity, and maintains a reputation as the industry leader in tungsten and tungsten preparation. Our ongoing management philosophy is to provide quality product and receptive service that exceeds even the most stringent expectations. Contact DGP today to see how we can help with your current or future welding applications.

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