DGP Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Tungsten Electrode Grinders, Tungsten Sharpeners

  • No tools required for setup or collet changes.
  • Flat, grind and cut most electrodes in 60 seconds or less.
  • Long life, high-quality diamond wheels that are perfect for
    grinding tungsten.
  • Fine, longitudinal finish on taper grinding to improve arc stability, starting and consistency.
  • Taper angle adjustable from 6-120 degrees with a tolerance
    of +/- 1.5".
  • Collets available to grind electrodes for .040" to 3/16"
    (1.0mm-4.8mm) diameter.


  • Quick & easy setup and operation saves time, eliminates hassles.
  • Consistently & properly ground electrodes provide optimum, repeatable welding results.
  • Manufactured in America, so expert service and spare parts are available immediately.
  • Proper diamond cutting eliminates risk of electrode splintering and weld rejections.


  • Vacuum system in insulated cabinet for dust collection.
  • Heavy-duty carrying case for transport to site work.
  • Lasercut tip/flat gauge for flat size measurement.
  • Short collets available for grinding short electrodes.
  • Flexible spotlight.
  • OPTIONAL 230v step down transformer.
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