About Diamond Ground

Tungsten Electrode Experts, Welding

Diamond Ground Products Ltd.
Blackstone Road, Huntingdon, CAMBS, PE29 6EF, UK
Phone: +44(0)1480 459706 • Fax: +44 (0)1480 453649
email: sales@diamondground.co.uk

Diamond Ground Products was started with a vision to be the world leading manufacturer of Tungsten Electrode Grinders, Pre-ground Electrodes, and to provide the industry with specialty tungsten to improve weld quality and productivity.

With innovation and investment, Diamond Ground Products has earned the reputation of the highest quality, lowest price, producer of Pre-ground Electrodes, Tungsten Electrode Grinders and premium Tungsten materials.

Our ability to maintain the latest CNC machinery to produce our own products has enabled us to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality of products and services.

Our ongoing management philosophy is to provide the product quality and service that exceeds your expectation.

Diamond Ground Products is dedicated to the improvement of weld quality & welder productivity, and maintains a reputation as the industry leader in tungsten and tungsten preparation. Our ongoing management philosophy is to provide quality product and receptive service that exceeds even the most stringent expectations. Contact DGP today to see how we can help with your current or future welding applications.

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